Daniel P. Baril
(coastal photography)

Coastal photographer Daniel P. Baril recently acquired the former Gale Armstrong Gallery. Daniel is recognized for his ability to capture the essence of the common wave, evoking an atmospheric quality that is both majestic and serene. He collaborates with Mother Nature and seizes moments in time in the spectacular beauty of oceans and coastlines. Daniel also excels at bringing to light new perspectives of the much adored and photographed Nova Scotian dory. His photos are printed on fine art conservation paper or on aluminum (ChromaLuxe process).
You can visit Daniel’s personal website at: www.danielbaril.com


Gale Armstrong
(bright watercolours)

Former owner Gale Armstrong continues to exhibit diverse and luminous watercolours of her native Nova Scotia. The quality of the paper, the depth achieved with transparent watercolours and the vibran-cy of the ink are vital in her work. Gale’s acclaimed architectural renditions of Nova Scotian landmarks, English country cottages and Californian vintage wineries reveal her strong eye for detail and accuracy. Gale also explores, with brush and pen, the authentic charm of the coastal villages along the South Shore and the much-loved charm of the town of Lunenburg.

Heather Drysdale
(abstract paintings)

New to the team is Heather Drysdale, a contemporary abstract artist whose work is bold and dynamic through her daring use of colour. Heather’s 40-year career in the art of Italian plastering, faux finishes and mural painting have contributed to her work today. Colour is a vibrational energy that Heather plays with to make solid her emotions and visual memories. Her goal is for her work to connect with the view-er on an emotional plane, creating a shared experience.

Bradley Wiseman
(ceramic tiles and lamps)

Bradley Wiseman brings to the Gallery his diverse collection of fired porcelain lamps, tiles and basins. His work is inspired by classical design and is fired to “white heat” in an outdoor wood kiln, giving his work a life expectancy of over 2000 years. Imagine how exciting a discovery of one of his pieces would be in the distant future

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